More companies recognise the benefits of promoting cycling to work

The UK lags behind other European countries when it comes to how many of us cycle to work but this is changing rapidly as employers do more to encourage it.

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Ready to ride? Sign up & try out a JIVR!

There are some things that you have to try or see for yourself before you can really understand what it’s all about. Take the feeling of being in zero-gravity, for example. You can read about it all you want but you still won’t be able fully appreciate the sensation until you’re up in the air. You simply have to experience some things for yourself to really know what it’s like.

JIVR Test Rides

We think riding a JIVR is the same. You can read about it, watch videos and maybe imagine what it’s like but, trust us, nothing can adequately describe that rush you feel when, whoosh!, the motor kicks in and suddenly you’re not pedaling as hard as you think you ought to be for the pace you have.


Taking a test ride on a JIVR is the best way to get a close-up look and hands-on time with the world’s only folding, chainless and electric bike. You’ll see how great it feels to move around in pedal-assisted comfort, how easy it is to fold and how having no chain means no mess and no hassle.


Test rides are also a great opportunity to chat with our brand ambassadors about your own needs and how JIVR can make your commute easier. You can look over every detail of JIVR’s sleek design, squeeze the brakes, kick the tyres and see how lightweight it is.


 Here’s a video taken at a recent event in Berlin. Bring your camera and make your own if you want!


There are no obligations and no deposit is required. Our test ride programme is strictly about giving riders an opportunity to learn more about JIVR. It’s easy to set up and test rides are currently available in Berlin, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Brussels and London.

Book a JIVR test ride

If you’re interested, you can also get information about special offers, financing options and more.


  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

No paid deposit required

  • Do I have to bring anything with me for the test ride?

Please bring a photo ID with you as it will be required as a ‘deposit’ for the time of the test ride

  • What happens after the test ride? Are there any obligations?

No obligations, the JIVR sales representative or ambassador will follow up with you

  • What if I like the product? Can I buy it right away?

Yes, our representatives will help you with the purchase or help you configure your JIVR for you to purchase later.

  • Can I freely choose the time and date of the test ride?

Our representatives are available for test rides from MON - FRI and even on weekends on special request.

  • Can I bring my wife/ friend/child?

Yes, please inform your JIVR rep how many people will be attending the test ride at least a day before.

  • How long will it last? How much time should I book in my schedule?

A test ride usually lasts between 45 minutes or an hour. If you wish to take the JIVR for a longer test ride please inform you JIVR rep in advance.

  • Is it an individual test ride?

Currently, all test rides are individual.

  • What happens if I can't make it? Can I rebook it? How?

Yes, in order to cancel or rebook your test ride please contact your JIVR rep.


Just click the button above to set up a test ride at a time that’s good for you and get ready to ride!

Schedule a FREE test ride


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