More companies recognise the benefits of promoting cycling to work

The UK lags behind other European countries when it comes to how many of us cycle to work but this is changing rapidly as employers do more to encourage it.

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5 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Bike Right Now

Are you still using just your own two thighs to power your bike ride? If so, you don’t know what you’re missing by not switching to an electric bike (and you’re working way too hard). The new generation of e-bikes offers a level of comfort and convenience like never before. It’s a great time to go electric and here are five reasons why you need to do it right now:

1. They’re easier to ride

JIVR Bike going up hill

Everything is easier when someone else is doing most of the work, right? In the case of electric bikes, the “someone” is an electric motor that gives you an extra push—or is it pull?—that takes the load off you. Most bikes have multiple levels of assistance that can be activated with the push of a button. A little help for city cruising or a lot of help for that hill that you used to dread before you went electric—just press the button and off you go. You still have to pedal and you still get exercise but the days of getting a hardcore cardio workout on the way to the office are gone if you want them to be. If you’d rather leave more intense activities for after work or the weekend, you can just use your bike for what you really need it for, getting from A to B.

2. They’re easy to fit into your lifestyle (and fun!)

JIVR Bike clean drive train

People with mobility issues, urban commuters who have to dress for the office, busy professionals who have to navigate crowded city streets and others just looking for an alternative to available transports options—all of them and more can easily hop on an electric bike and get where they need to go without having to compromise anything. The power and mobility of electric bikes address any number of needs without demanding sacrifices in return. On top of that, nothing beats the rush of feeling the electric power kick in while you're cruising past traffic wearing a suit and tie. Seriously, it never gets old.   

3. They’re green, no matter what colour paint they have

JIVR Bike on stone road

Every commuter on two wheels is another commuter who chose not to use four. Our cities are congested enough already, right? Using an e-bike means enjoying the benefits of motorised transport without contributing to emissions that impact air quality. There’s no engine and no mess. Cities around the world are recognising that adapting their infrastructures for two-wheeled transport benefits all of us. Governments have even begun to aggressively promote subsidies and financing programmes to encourage ownership of electric bikes. Go green and get the green!

4. You get to save money for other stuff


I’m sorry to be the one to break the bad news, but your electric bike won’t be free. Then again, cars aren’t free. Rail passes and public transport aren’t free. Petrol isn’t free. Parking and congestion fees? Not free. Licensing, registration and various other administration fees? That’s right—not free. The fact is that any form of transport has its costs but over time there’s no doubt that electric bikes offer the best cost-benefit ratio of all. Let everyone else pour money into their petrol tanks every week or buy public transport tickets every month forever and save your cash for a little something for you. You’re welcome!

5. Beat the traffic


I saved this for last even though it’s a common motivation among those who make the switch. Lots of people first start thinking about electric bikes as they sit behind the wheel of a car, waiting for an unseen light to turn green for a few precious seconds before switching back to red for what seems like another hour. During the wait, they go back to watching the petrol needle slowly creep from “F” to “E”. Others see an electric bike pass them while on a bus or tram, stuck in the endless traffic that lasts basically all day long. Maybe we notice moving things more easily when we’re stuck in place, who knows. The point is that electric bikes give you a freedom and mobility that is often missing, and maybe impossible altogether, in urban transport. You still have to obey the red lights, but you’re also free to seek alternate routes. You can go where cars can’t. Your schedule is up to you, not dictated by bus or tram timetables. You can follow the shortest possible distance between two points instead being funnelled this way or that. You get to set your own path and follow it in pedal-assisted comfort. You can even give a quick wave to everyone staring at you from bus windows if you want. Say hi for us!

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