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The JIVR Pedaling Assistance System allows you to travel up to 50 km without breaking a sweat.

Pedaling a bike can be a hassle. While it is a great workout, it’s not the ideal way to commute to work, especially if you have a dress code. Luckily, the JIVR Bike has you covered with its Pedaling Assistance System.

At the heart of it all, there’s a 250W Electric Motor with three assistance modes to give the bike extra power when needed. The Pedaling Assistance System will turn on the motor once you start pedaling. A built-in motion sensor located in between the pedals detects their movement and sends a signal to a state-of-the-art electronics controller that will engage the motor and disengage it when the rider stops pedaling. Making a climb has never been easier, you’ll be at the top in no time with no sweat. Each of the modes has been set in accordance with European Law, which limits the top speed of ebikes to 25 KM/h.

Mode 1 - 11 KM/h
Mode 2 - 17 KM/h
Mode 3 - 25 KM/h

Riding the JIVR Bike feels like it’s downhill all the way, and thanks to its massive battery capacity it’s going to be a long ride. The JIVR Bike allows you to travel up to 50 km in pedal-assisted comfort, but you can always pedal using the strength of your muscles if you feel like it. Once you’re done riding, plug in your charger to any electric socket and wait for the batteries to recharge. It won't take long, since a full charge takes just a little over two hours, so you’ll be back on the road in no time. 

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